Organizing a Wedding reception in Bucks County can be quite exciting, but it involves a good deal of planning. From choosing which color palette to use to deciding what type of food will be served, the possibilities are endless. However, this also means that the number of decisions couples must make can be overwhelming. These are a few basic types of receptions that have become popular in the past decade:

Tea And Coffee Or Brunch

For couples who want a low key affair that is kind to their wallets, having a tea and coffee or brunch reception can be a great option. Brunch would take place at 11 a.m., directly following a morning wedding ceremony. Tea, coffee, and mimosas could be served, as well as a brunch buffet featuring customizable pancakes, waffles, fruit, and omelets. Tea and coffee receptions are similar, but may take place later in the afternoon. They are even less formal than brunches and only serve drinks and light desserts such as coffee cakes and muffins. These types of gatherings are generally small, and can be held in a local park, or in someone's back yard. Because these take place earlier in the day, a DJ and music is not expected, which cuts down on costs.

Cocktails And H'ordeuvres

This is another more budget friendly type of Wedding reception in Bucks County, but is a bit more formal. Cocktail gatherings usually take place around 6:30 or 7 in the evening, after guests have had a chance to eat dinner somewhere else. These can be held at private rooms in nice hotels or restaurants, and outdoors during warmer months. Guests are treated to an open bar and an array of h'ordeuvres, followed by wedding cake. There may be music and dancing, but a DJ is usually not involved.


Sit-Down Dinner

Couples who want a more traditional reception typically opt for the classic sit-down dinner, complete with Mei Catering service. Buffet dinners allow guests to serve themselves and customize their plates, while a more luxurious option is to have the Wedding catering in Bucks County staff wait on guests, who order from a menu. There may also be an open bar, dessert bar, a DJ, and dancing. More casual affairs may take place in banquet halls or fire halls, while more opulent versions are held in upscale hotels and ball rooms.

Food types are completely up to the couple, and celebrations can be held anywhere they like. Some modern trends are to hold them at aquariums, an arboretum, or in rented barns. Couples should consider their budgets, guest list size, and personal tastes as they choose which type of gathering they will have.